We welcome the following adjudicators to Festival 2017. Please click on the name for more information about them. The list will be updated as we receive photos and bios.

Brass -  TBA

Choral -  TBA

Classical Guitar -  Adrian Verdejo

Composition -  TBA

Ethnic Dance -TBA

Fiddle - Qristina Bachand 

Piano (Junior) -  Jeanne Campbell 

Piano (Intermediate) -  Catherine Bundt

Piano (Senior/Open) -  Marissa Mares

School Bands -  Sandy King

School Dance -  Taylor Dolan 

School Orchestras -  Calvin Dyck

Speech and Dramatic Arts -  Deborah McGladdery

Strings (Junior) - Olivia Blander

Strings (Intermediate/Senior) - Toni Stanick

Studio Dance - Sarah Clowes, TBA

Voice - Classical (Junior/Senior B) -  TBA

Voice - Classical (Intermediate/Senior A) -  TBA

Voice - Musical Theater - TBA

Woodwinds -  Laura Vanek 


We are also very excited to announce our Roberto and Mary Wood Jurists. Please click on each name for more information.

  Evelyn de la Haye Jane Coop   Tom Williams