We welcome the following adjudicators to Festival 2018. Please click on the name for more information about them. The list will be updated as we receive photos and bios.

Brass -  TBA

Choral -  Erica Phare-Bergh

Classical Guitar -  Adrian Verdejo

Composition -  TBA

Ethnic Dance - Dan Costain

Fiddle - Qristina Bachand 

Piano (Junior) -  Jeanne Campbell 

Piano (Intermediate) -  Catherine Bundt

Piano (Senior/Open) -  Michelle Mares

School Bands -  Sandy King

School Dance -  Taylor Dolan 

School Orchestras -  Calvin Dyck

Speech and Dramatic Arts -  Deborah McGladdery

Strings (Junior) - Olivia Blander

Strings (Intermediate/Senior) - Toni Stanick

Studio Dance - Sarah Brewer Clowes, Julie EnglandDanny Nielsen

Voice - Classical (Junior/Adult) - Fiona Blackburn

Voice - Classical (Intermediate/Senior A) -  Rhoslyn Jones

Voice - Musical Theater - Rebecca Hass

Woodwinds -  Laura Vanek 



We are also very excited to announce our Roberto and Mary Wood Jurists. Please click on each name for more information.

  Eve-lyn de la Haye Jane Coop   Thomas Williams