Registration will be open January 6, 2020.


NO REFUND OF FEES will be made except in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Festival Board. A request must be made in writing and with early notice.

Please note, there is $5 administration fee per transaction.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please phone the Festival office at (250) 386-9223, or email



January 22

January 29

February 12

February 26

Studio Dance 

Classical Guitar, Composition, Piano, Speech, Strings, Voice-Classical & Musical Theatre 

Brass, Percussion, Choral, Ethnic Dance, Fiddle, Woodwinds, School Bands & School Orchestra

School Dance

Steps to Registering

1. The parent and teacher must first making a user profile, the entrant's profile may then be created as it is linked to the parent and teacher's profile by their user ID's.  Students who are 19+ may make a profile without a parent.   
2. EACH group (ensembles and dance groups - chambers are individual), must have a profile created by a teacher or a contact person
3. If you are self taught and 18+, you can create a "self taught" profile 
4. Check your email and select "verify" to verify your profile 
5. Check with the GPVAF syllabus to ensure you choose the right class for the entrant 
6. Make sure the Composer's name, Arranger's name, Opus, and Title are spelled how they would appear in the Festival Schedule
7. If you have an accompanist, you can enter their ID (not required)
8. When every registration is entered, pay the fee with PayPal

Instruction videos

How to Register

To help with correctly entering your repertoire here is our Guide to Repertoire Entry.If your section asks for the length of your performance, please be sure you put the actual playing time of your piece (in seconds), not the maximum allowed time. We need this information to schedule classes efficiently.


All mandatory fields must be entered to complete registration. Please ensure you have all the required information available before beginning the process. Note: there may be changes to sections that previously did not have repertoire and length of piece as mandatory fields.

The information you type into the Music Festival Suite registration form is exactly the information that will be seen in the program (your name) and on adjudication forms (repertoire). Check carefully to see you have typed your name correctly; use capital letters where appropriate; and check all spellings of your selections and composers.


Admin use only:

Section Heads click here for the registration system.

  Section Heads click here for the Section Head MFS Guide.