GVPAF has been a part of my musical education for the last 6 years and I can’t imagine my life without it. Performing at the festival has always been a great goal to work towards. GVPAF has an extremely welcoming atmosphere and the high caliber of students and adjudicators will always help you improve!
— Lexie Krakowski, Winner of the Roberto and Mary Wood Scholarship 2019

Festival was an enriching experience that helped me improve all aspects of my musical ability thanks to comments by fantastic adjudicators and the performances by many great young musicians.
— Johnathan Devey
Johnathan Devey (1).jpg
Festival was a very valuable experience to motivate myself and improve my musicality.
— Sujung Lee
Sujung Lee (1).jpg
GVPAF has always been an exciting goal to work towards. I’m grateful to be able to participate in a festival with such a positive, welcoming atmosphere. Having the privilege of listening to so many amazing students and adjudicators at GVPAF has definitely enhanced my music education!
— Danielle Tsao, Winner of the Roberto & Mary Wood Scholarship 2018