Our online Festival program reaches approximately 9,000 participants as well as their parents and extended family, placing your message in the hands of a wide range of potential contacts. Over 300 volunteers, 250 teachers, a number of corporate sponsors and over 400 donors will also be potential viewers.

Your ad will be read by a select target group of thousands who are actively involved in the arts community of Victoria. Where else can you capture viewers across sixteen disciplines of performing arts? You are also supporting the development of performing arts in our community and the many talented young artists by helping to offset the costs of staging Festival.

Rates and sizes are:

Ad Size

Business Card

Quarter Page

Half Page Horizontal

Half Page Vertical

Full Page

One/ Two Disciplines

$35 / $50

$65 / $95

$120 / $180

$120 / $180

$200 / $300

All Disciplines






Size (W x H) in inches

3.25 X 2

3.5 X 4.25

7.25 X 4

3.25 X 8.5

7 X 8.5

Deadline to receive copy is February 5th.

Preferred format is PDF.

Please specify which discipline(s) you wish us to place your ad, or choose “all disciplines”
Ads placed in ALL disciplines will be placed in the first few pages of the programs, just before the actual schedules. Discipline specific ads will be placed in the actual schedule pages whenever possible, as space allows.

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